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Modern And Stylish Thin Rainwater Tanks

Are you looking for a high quality water storage system, that will not take up most of your backyard or simply become a complete eye sore to you, your family and friends.

If you’re sick of the old, outdated and just down right ugly water tanks that are currently on the market, then maybe you should have a look at our range of “Ultra Modern Thintanks”.

Our rainwater tanks are perfect for anyone living in a residential area that has limited outdoor space. They are even suitable for industrial areas that need to have a good supply of water, while having limited space.

Water Tank Features

These modern and stylish water storage tanks are on the forefront of ground breaking technology.  Our tanks are Australian Made and have been developed for space-saving solutions, as well as to assist with water conservation across both residential and commercial applications.

thin rainwater tanks
  • Manufactured from 100% U.V. stabilised, food grade polyethylene resin.
  • To ensure maximum strength, all these slimline poly water tanks are made as a solid, one piece construction.
  • Tanks are fitted with 2 brass 20mm outlets at the bottom to allow joining of tanks together with ease.
  • Designed by a professional consulting engineer in accordance with all AS/NZ Standards and designs confirmed with FEA testing
  • Designed to be the “Rainwater Tank That Fits Anywhere”.

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Slimline Tank Dimensions, Capacity & Pricing

Our tanks are designed for any area that has limited space. If you have a very narrow area, but want the ability to collect as much water as possible, then you can join our tanks together to increase water collection capacity.

Choose Your Tank

  • Tank Capacity (Litres)
  • Length (Millimetres)
    Tank dimensions are all calculated in Millimetres.
  • Depth (Millimetres)
  • Height (Millimetres)
  • 10 Year Warranty
    Available for 10 years from the original purchase date, Thintanks™ covers your rainwater tanks with a pro rata warranty.

1000 Litre Tank

  • 1000 Litres
  • 2400mm
    1000 litre Thintank dimensions for length
  • 260mm
  • 1850mm
  • Pro Rata Warranty

2000 Litre Thin Tank

  • 2000 Litres
  • 2400mm
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  • 480mm
  • 1850mm
  • Pro Rata Warranty

3000 Litre Thintank

  • 3000 Litres
  • 2920mm
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  • 580mm
  • 1970mm
  • Pro Rata Warranty

“Our Slim Water Tanks Are Made In Australia”

Ranging in 12 colours with sizes starting from 1,000 Litre, 2,000 Litre and 3000 Litre and offer you an ultra slim design with a smooth professional finish.

These water storage units are designed for easy installation as well as a being the complete space saving solution, our storage tanks are the slimmest available for any water capacity on the market today.

Coming Soon…

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Choose your tank
Choose your tank
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