One of the latest additions to the ThinTank range is the 4000 litre.

At a depth of only 750mm this tank is suited to slightly larger back yards. It is also the 2020 International Design Awards Silver Winner in Sustainable Living / Residential Sustainable Design.

This modern and stylish slim rainwater tank has been designed and manufactured to the same high quality and standards. With 12 vibrant colours to choose from as well as a rock solid 10 year guarantee to ensure the water tank can stand the harsh outdoor conditions of Australia.

  • The 4000 Litre has been designed by an engineer in accordance with all AS/NZ Standards and designs confirmed with FEA testing.
  • Designed for easy installation to any location especially those locations that have limited to little space.
  • Can be installed as a single water storage tank or in multiples, to increase water storage capacity.
  • All ThinTanks comply with AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS including AS/NZS 4766 & 2006 Polyethylene Storage Tanks, AS/NZS 1170.2:2002 Wind Actions.

A Water Collection System That Compliments Any Property

This water harvesting tank is ideal for those that want to collect extra water without sacrificing space or aesthetics. These units can be installed as stand alone or joined together to form a fence.

Available Tank Colours

slimlinetank colour chart

Thinpots Vertical Garden Tank Addon

Further innovation, research and development to ensure that Thintanks remain as the the water storage tank with the most aesthetically pleasing appearance led to the innovative idea of adding a Vertical Garden to the face of the watertank.

The Vertical Garden system has been designed by the same engineer and has a fully integrated irrigation system that utilises the water stored in the tank.

Available Colours

thinpots colours

New ThinPots

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