Every home can benefit by having an additional source of water, however the problem in the past has been the size and shape of many of these water storage tanks were just not suitable for residential homes or even businesses due to the lack of space.

Even those residential or business areas that did have the required space still hesitated to install a water tank due to the poorly designed dimensions of these tanks. You would probably agree with me here, the tanks that were available are just butt ugly and unless you had some kind of feature to hide them from view you had to look at this massive round eye sore day in day out.

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Heather and I am the the authorised distributor for Thintanks in the Sydney Metropolitan area, this also includes Canberra.

I am very committed to the conservation of water and strongly believe that every home should have an option to collect water. I have been in the water industry for many years.

These water storage tanks are the thinnest rainwater tanks currently on the market today and are far superior to any other tank due to the time and care taken in the development and the the manufacturing.

I am also proud to announce that they are 100% Australian made.

With more than ten years in the water tank industry I would have to say that these are the best way to store water at your location, they are pleasing to the eye and can be installed also side a fence or even be used to create a fence for additional privacy in a work area or at home.

Due to the fact that these water tanks could be installed in tight spots the name and business of “ThinTanks” was born.

Two Years In The Making

It took two years from the time of inception to the completion and release to the public of the first tank. This was the extremely popular 1000 litre which is still very popular today.

The next in the tank range was the 2000 litre was was released one year after the first and then closely followed by the 3000 litre tank.

Why Did This Take So Long?

It had to be perfect, it needed to firstly comply with all Australian AS/NZ standards as well as being pleasing to the eye while delivering everything we said it would in a high quality rainwater tank that not only looks good but is strong enough to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

If you would like to know more about our slim tank range please call me on 1300 885 547 or shoot me an email here and I will gladly assist you.